November 04, 2022:

An interesting post by what I strongly suspect is a covertly funded Chinese government source. This does not mean that it is wrong, it's just something to keep in mind:


1. A period of extremely right wing rule causes a reaction that brings the center left or centrists back to power – Biden after Trump, Gantz/Bennet after Netanyahu, & Lula after Balsonaro

2. However, the center left return on much narrower margins than should be the case, indicating an increasing percentage of the population are conditioned to tolerate the ever more reactionary extremism, the shifting Overton Window, becoming ever more radicalized

3. Current & future economic conditions around the world will be increasingly tough in the coming years, due to both structural (increasing protectionism, trade wars, polycrises in much of the Global South, the developing Sino-US technological decoupling that drives the world toward 2 blocks) & cyclic forces (such as the recession in the consumer electronics & semiconductor industries)

4. Under such tough economic macro environment, when nativism, paranoia, & over-securitization of everything are already increasingly evident everywhere, the center left currently in power faces strong headwinds in the coming elections

5. When the right wing return to power, they are more extremist than the previous iteration.

6. The EU unity over Russian invasion of Ukraine is masking, for now, the rising reactionary right wing that will put it under severe stress going forward, such increasingly illiberal forces are already in power in Hungary, Poland, Italy & Sweden, & gaining momentum in Germany & France

I still see no signs of the highlighted part. Technological parity with the US, almost there. Largely through theft of IP. But innovation? Not seeing it. Not saying they can't do it; they can. But they aren't.

Also November 02, 2022

Happy Día De Los Muertos.

There hasn't been a lot of death in my life, which means it's simply being backfilled; it's all gonna come at once and hard. Notable mentions:

My grandparents

Doctor Anthony Armino

Eric Friedmann

Britt Rushing

Hannah Rushing

Suzanne Cloud

Joe Lizarraras

William "Bill" Jones (who deserves an entire post on the value of what may seem like small, inconsequential actions)

There are others and it's early in the morning and I can't think of them. But they aren't forgotten. They'll come up when they need to.

I miss all of you.

November 02, 2022

Someone posted this. I'm having a hard time finding an argument, in that "Republicans are worse in every way" is a self-evident truth...but not an argument against this statement being true.

"The voters are engaged in a mass argument over race and religion full stop. The media is frantically screaming “social liberalism, but no social security, gay marriage, but low taxes on the rich” at the top of it’s lungs and then wondering why nobody likes them. Punching the poors and screaming "more female CEOs" is the liberal stance. Don’t do a fucking thing about economic inequality but make sure the executive ranks are diverse has been the Democratic stance since Clinton."

October 17, 2022

33 years since the Loma Prieta earthquake.

I'd normally call my buddy Eric Friedmann today, but he died back in 2020. We called each other every October 17th. Something about going through a near-death experience with someone really does bind you to them.

I miss Eric.

I don't miss the "anniversary of" that used to hit all the Bay Area media every 10/17. Looked around. Couldn't find a single one this morning.

Part of me is really, really glad for that. If they've let it go, I guess I can too.

Wish you were here, Eric, my old buddy. Really really do.

September 27, 2022

Watching an old video of some friends playing back in the 1990s. VCR camera.

How is it 2022 already?

September 04, 2022

Still miss Hannah. I'm going to feel guilty about that dog for the rest of my life. You don't know what you don't know, and I just didn't know how to be a good dog father back then. I wasn't bad - there are a lot of people who are just awful to their animals - but I could have been a lot better. Spencer owes you a lot, baby girl. I miss you.

July 28, 2022

It is really an amazing experience to listen to a song an ex wrote about me and to realize that pretty much every word of it was true.

July 27, 2022

You will not find the truth on the internet. Facets of the truth hide in many places, some easy to find, some very hard to find. But none of them here.

May 14, 2022

There have always been toasters.

Think about the times that were before you were born. Can you prove they even existed? I mean, there are artifacts, there are accounts, but you can find those at Disneyland. All you really know about the past are the stories thereof, and stories - humankind's defining achievement - are in the end, just stories. They can be true, false, or a combination of the two.

All I know is that there have always been toasters.

Oh, you can read stories about a time when there were not toasters. I don't believe it, myself. So far as I know, toasters have always been part of the world.